I can offer couples:

  • Advice on how to deal with hotels, what questions to ask and to get the answer you want.
  • Relieve them of the stress, tension and worry in planning a wedding
  • Reassuring them that they made the right choices
  • Do the research for them –compare available dates in selected venues
  • Analyse prices and package offers
  • Highlight venue facilities
  • Arrange a time table plan for months, weeks and day of reception
  • Provide contacts for service providers
  • Arrange entertainment for church, venue and special guest appearances
  • Provide a master of ceremonies and usher for brides house, the church and venue
  • Arrange the arrivals reception at venue with families and bridal party
  • Confidential and private meetings – no passing on of details to other parties
  • Trouble shooting – analysing overall plans to spot any potential difficulties
  • I will still assist couples who have already booked a venue but just wish to discuss issues
Tel: ( 087 ) 27 00 349